Doctor Who TARDIS and Time Vortex Cupcakes [pic]

I would love to have some cupcakes right about now.  As much as I love the beef jerky I am snacking on, something sweet like a cupcake sounds perfect right about now.

Well, it seems that one awesome Doctor Who fan decided to act on that impulse to have something sweet and made some awesome Doctor Who themed cupcakes!  One cupcake just features the time vortex but the other has a TARDIS traveling through the time vortex which just looks awesome.

What I wouldn’t give for some Doctor Who cupcakes right about now…

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Doctor Who TARDIS and Time Vortex Cupcakes
Doctor Who TARDIS and Time Vortex Cupcakes

[Source:  Doctor Who Crafts]

7 thoughts on “Doctor Who TARDIS and Time Vortex Cupcakes [pic]

  1. Oh My Doctor! This cupcakes look epic! ^_^ I have one question… That sparkles… Are they for eat or not?

  2. Hello! Yes, the sparkles are “for eat”. It’s non-toxic ‘edible’ glitter. (It’s labelled as edible despite not actually being edible. (edible of course meaning that your body digests and uses it as nutrition, which is not the case with this glitter.) Eating it in that small quantity does as much good (and bad) for your body as the inedible skin/husk of sweetcorn.

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