Halo Energy Sword Night Stand Lamp [pics]

Whenever I am playing some Halo online, I always try to get the energy sword because I know I can kick some serious butt with it.  There is nothing quite as satisfying as hearing a bunch of 10 year olds cry about the fact that you keep killing them.

Well, if there is another good use for Halo energy swords, it would be as a lamp!  Etsy seller TheBackPackShoppe is selling this amazing Halo energy sword lamp for just $70.  I might not be one for using a lamp (I prefer total darkness except for the light emitted by my monitors), but if I ever decide to buy a lamp, I want it to be this one!

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Halo Energy Sword Lamp
Halo Energy Sword Lamp
Halo Energy Sword Lamp Off
Halo Energy Sword Lamp Off

[Source:  Etsy]



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