Cylon Frakkin’ Berry Cereal [pic]

Largely due to my dislike of milk, I have never been one for eating cereal.  Sure, different kinds of cereal might help make me healthier or whatever, but I think I do pretty well without it.  However, if you are a cylon, you might just need your daily bowl of Frakkin’ Berry cereal to make sure you get your dose of 8 metals plus iron.  And don’t forget the marshmallow basestars!

Frakkin’ Berry cereal, The best way to start off your day if you are a Cylon.

The creator of this awesome work of art is Jared Moraitis (aka BeastPop).  You should check out his blog here and like him on Facebook too!

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Cylon Frakkin Berry Cereal Box Art
Cylon Frakkin Berry Cereal Box Art

[via Geeks are Sexy]