3D Pac-Man Ghost Bookshelf [pic]

Although I use my Kindle to carry around most of my books these days, I still have a number of programming books and stuff that are stuffed into boxes that I could really use a bookshelf for.  Well, I think I may have just found the perfect bookshelf for gamers like myself.  Etsy seller LightYourselfUp is selling this amazing 3D Pac-Man Ghost bookshelf for €250,00 ($343.03 + $205.82 for shipping).  As much as I want it, the price is a bit too steep for me, especially considering many of my programming books are so large, they probably wouldn’t work well in that bookshelf.  Oh well.

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3D Pac-Man Ghost Shelf
3D Pac-Man Ghost Shelf

[Source:  Etsy via Neatorama]






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  1. Ebrevinil Vinilos Decorativos Avatar

    Awesome idea!! I love 🙂

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