Amazing Steampunk Motorcycle [pic]

I’m not one for riding motorcycles as I prefer the safety and comforts of vehicles with four wheels rather than two, but even I will admit this steampunk motorcycle is pretty awesome.  I’m not exactly sure it looks comfortable but I suppose with a bike this cool, that might not really matter.  I’m not sure who made this amazing steampunk motorcycle, but it is called the “Black Widow” and unfortunately, it is not for sale.  It might not be the most practical means of transportation, but it could be the coolest!

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Custom Steampunk Motorcycle
Custom Steampunk Motorcycle

[via TechEBlog]





3 responses to “Amazing Steampunk Motorcycle [pic]”

  1. MrWednesday7 Avatar

    Does it really work? If so then double awesomesauce and hurrah!

  2. pcnerd37 Avatar

    As far as I know it works but I haven’t seen it in person to know for sure.

  3. Lale_lacra Avatar

    amazing,only in my dreams

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