Global Geek News partnering with Deniath [Announcement]


I get people almost every day e-mailing me wanting to form some kind of partnership with Global Geek News or do a link exchange with them and I almost always reply with an emphatic NO because most have no relevance to Global Geek News and would only serve to make for a worse reader experience on the site.  They just see that we get 100,000+ pageviews a month and want to try to capitalize on that.  Well, this is one of those extremely rare exceptions where I have decided that partnering with somebody would be awesome.  That company is Deniath!

Who is Deniath?  Deniath is an invite only, 72-hour deal site focused squarely at geeks!  I hadn’t heard of them before either, but being a big sucker for daily deals sites that sell geeky things, why I am on board with this should be pretty obvious.  I’ve signed up for a ton of daily deals sites like Woot but it is rare that they have something that appeals to my geeky side.  However, Deniath wants to fill every geek’s inbox with deals on toys, games, gadgets, art, and pop-culture collectibles!

So what does this mean for you as a reader of Global Geek News?  You will get exclusive sneak peeks, special invite promotions, and other fun promos!

To give you an idea of the awesome stuff that they offer, their current sale (which ends Thursday at 9am PST) is $10 for a $20 coupon to Gentle Giant LTD.  I encourage you to check them out as they have all kinds of awesome stuff from a Star Wars dart board to a Hulk bookend.  When you see their prices, you will understand why this $10 for a $20 coupon promotion is awesome!

To kick off our partnership, if you want an invite to Deniath right away, shoot an e-mail over to [email protected] with Global Geek News in the headline.  However, this is only good until March 1st so don’t delay!





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