Star Wars Wooden Coasters [pic]

When it comes to places to set my drink, I have always preferred using old AOL disks as coasters.  Sadly, those are getting hard to come by so I think it is time I upgrade to something really cool like these awesome wooden Star Wars drink coasters!  This set of 4 Star Wars coasters includes the four amazing designs in the picture below and if you want to use this in your house, you can order this awesome set of Star Wars wood coasters for just $8.99 over at ThinkGeek!  Personally, the Darth Vader one is my favorite.  If you are more of a Stargate fan, you might check out the Stargate coasters I posted about back in June.

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Star Wars Wood Coasters
Star Wars Wood Coasters

[Source:  ThinkGeek via Geek Alerts]



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