Nintendo Boardwalk Cabinets [pic]

Honestly, I never cared much for the boardwalk cabinets around here.  I don’t care for the idea of throwing away my money to have a machine tell me my fortune or to try to grab something with those drop down claws that I have never won anything at.  Well, I would be willing to reconsider that dislike with these amazing Nintendo boardwalk cabinets.  It might be kind of fun to have Wario tell me my fortune or see how long I can hold on in a battle with Elec Man from Mega Man.  I’m not too sure I would play the Mario claw game though since that giant Mario can’t fit down that little hole.

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Nintendo Boardwalk Cabinets
Nintendo Boardwalk Cabinets

[Source:  Kody Koala via Neatorama]



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