Printable, Raceable R/C Mario Kart Koopa Shell [pic]

I have long desired to fire a koopa turtle shell or two at the idiot drivers around here that like to cut me off and try to run me off the road.  Sadly, Mario Kart type koopa shells have never existed…until now!  These still wont do too much to the idiot drivers around here but they sure look like they are fun to race!  A Mario Kart fan by the name of Skimbal created these awesome R/C koopa shells and he has released everything he had to make them so you can make your own!  Unfortunately, you will need a 3D printer which I would be surprised if many of you have, but perhaps if you know where you can find one, you can make your own.  You can find the schematics, list of materials needed and instructions over at Thingiverse.

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Remote Control Mario Kart Koopa Shell Racer
Remote Control Mario Kart Koopa Shell Racer

[Source:  Thingiverse via Gizmodo]


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