Amazing Iron Man Light-Up Nike Tennis Shoes [pic]

Finally, some really geeky shoes that aren’t those ugly Converse Chuck Taylors!  Somebody has done some serious customization to their Nike tennis shoes and gave them an awesome Iron Man look.  Perhaps the most impressive part is the light-up LEDs on the tongue of the shoe, not to mention the eyes on the back!  Sadly, if you want a pair of these, you are going to have to make your own.  Beware, with all of those bright lights, you will probably get beaten up if you try to go to a movie theater with them turned on.

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Iron Man Nike Sneakers
Iron Man Nike Sneakers

[via TechEBlog]


17 responses to “Amazing Iron Man Light-Up Nike Tennis Shoes [pic]”

  1. Jin_cwc Avatar

    whr can buy?

  2. G M Woodward1 Avatar
    G M Woodward1

    I WANT SOME :'(

  3. Sara Middelhede Avatar

    omg where the f word can i buy these :-O

  4. Brenn T Avatar
    Brenn T

    Does ANYONE know where these are for sale???? (IF they are for sale?)

  5. Squall1 Avatar

    does any one know how much they are

  6. thecode Avatar

    dumb asses that dont read…. “Sadly, if you want a pair of these, you are going to have to make your own. “

  7. Hayley Avatar

    I need to know how to make these. AMAZING.

  8. christian Avatar

    Were cant buy that shoes?

  9. Chris Avatar

    where i can buy it

  10. pcnerd37 Avatar

    Like the post states, these aren’t for sale so you will have to make your own if you want a pair.

  11. pcnerd37 Avatar

    Unfortnately, they aren’t for sale anywhere so if you really want a pair, you will have to go the DIY route.

  12. pcnerd37 Avatar

    They aren’t for sale, but judging by how many people want these, if you started making your own and selling them, you could make a killing!

  13. pcnerd37 Avatar

    Sadly, you can’t. If you really want a pair, you will have to make them yourself. I wish somebody sold them though!

  14. pcnerd37 Avatar

    I wish I knew how to make them too because they are amazing!

  15. Brian Avatar

    maybe a litlle late , but you can make something like that on NIKE ID

  16. Bunny Avatar

    I want these!!!!!!!!!

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