NES Controller Pillow [pic]

What better to keep you comfy while playing some vintage video games than with this amazing NES controller pillow.  The fleece NES controller pillow in the picture below measures 26″ x 12″ and is even machine washable!  The best part?  It can be yours!  You can order one of these awesome Nintendo Entertainment System controller pillows from WTCrafts on Etsy for $35.  Seems like a pretty fair price to me for something this awesome.  Now, which one of you is going to order one of these for me?

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NES Controller Pillow
NES Controller Pillow

[Source:  Etsy via So Geek Chic]


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  1. […] to Craftsquatch’s Etsy store.  As cool as this is, I think I would lean more toward the NES Controller Pillow but I have more of an emotion attachment to the NES than Portal which I just recently started […]

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