Doctor Who TARDIS Telescope Shed [pic]

If I ever get the money, I would love to have a nice 14″ telescope for viewing the skies at night because if there is one thing I really love, its space.  I can’t get enough of looking at objects in space that are a huge distance away.  One of the issues that I would face if I ever had a couple thousand dollars to spend on a telescope that size would be where to put it and how to mount it.  Well, one Doctor Who fan has sovled that problem for themselves by building a TARDIS to house their telescope setup.  When they want gaze into the heavens, they just pull off one side and roll the rest of the TARDIS out of the way.  Seems like the perfect setup to me!  For more details about the setup and pictures, check out the source link below the picture.

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TARDIS Telescope Shed
TARDIS Telescope Shed


[Source:  Duncan Kitchin]






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