Funny First Date with a Nerd (with Katrina Bowden) [video]

Two hilarious videos in one day?  How much more awesome can it get?  First was the hilarious video of Mario talking with his agent and now we have a video from College Humor about two nerds on a date.  Below is a video of what might happen if you go out on a date with somebody a lot geekier than you.  I can certainly understand how inadequate this guy feels when he finds out his date is a lot nerdier than he is.  I don’t go out on dates but if that ever changes, this would be something I would be very afraid of happening.  At least as long as it is happening to somebody else, it is absolutely hilarious!  If you have had any first date encounters like this, share your tale in the comments below!

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[Source:  College Humor]

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