Homemade Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess armor [pic]

Many people spend a night or two making costumes to show their love of their favorite video game or sci-fi series while others spend years to make sure the costume is absolutely perfect.  This amazing Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess armor cosplay is the latter.  Li Kovacks spent a tremendous amount of time over the span of several years creating Link’s Magic Armor from Twilight Princess and with how amazing this cosplay looks, it was time well spent.  Below is part of the description talking about the amount of work that went into this stunning costume as well as a picture.  Hit the link under the picture for more details.

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I’ve worked on this costume on and off for a few years. I put it on hold for a while too because I needed a break from it. Spent 5 months making the new chainmail (My regular Heros Garb chainmail took 6 months) for this one and the armor was a huge trial and error process. There were some parts that I had to remake over and over until it was right. I started on it right after Twilight Princess came out and I had all of the reference images that I needed to start and finish the costume.

Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Armor Cosplay
Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Armor Cosplay


[Source: The Adventures of Li]