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Hello Global Geek News readers! I have some exciting news to share!

First, like we have done in the past, we will be live blogging Microsoft’s MIX 2011 conference keynotes this week.  There is a keynote both Tuesday and Wednesday starting at 12pm EST (both days) and we will be doing a live blog about all of the big announcements that come out of the keynote.  They keynotes are scheduled to be about 2 hours long each day and I already have a couple of panelists confirmed for the live blog so it should be pretty exciting!  If you have caught one of our live blogs in the past which we usually do whenever Microsoft has a big keynote (and sometimes Apple), you know what kind of a fun time you are in for!  Now, before you start to worry, these live blogs will be in addition to the usual 5 posts that I post every weekday that are filled with all kinds of geeky awesomeness.  The posts that would normally go up during the time that we will be covering the keynote will be published after the keynote live blog has completed.

My other major bit of news is that I am planning to attend StarFest in Denver this weekend!  Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be filled with all kinds of sci-fi and general geeky awesomeness and I plan to take a number of photos and videos to upload and post on here.  Hopefully there will be some pretty cool stuff coming to Global Geek News thanks to the convention.  If you happen to be at StarFest, hit me up on Twitter (@pcnerd37) as I am always interested in meeting up with fans of Global Geek News!






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