Amazing Mario and Zelda drawings in Microsoft Excel [pics]

Just when you thought Microsoft Excel was only for business purposes for those that have a need of the power of spreadsheets, somebody created these amazing images with the program.  Some Excel whiz with a love for Nintendo games used Excel to create an amazing Super Mario Bros picture and recreate a screen from the Legend of Zelda.  While I may love games and like making tributes to them, I don’t know if I like Excel enough to spend the amount of time in it required to make something as awesome as these pics.

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CORRECTION: The Mario pic was made in Open Office’s Calc program.  Thanks to @MalwareMinigun for catching this!


Super Mario Bros in Microsoft Excel
Super Mario Bros in Microsoft Excel
Legend of Zelda drawn in Microsoft Excel
Legend of Zelda drawn in Microsoft Excel

[via Techeblog]


3 responses to “Amazing Mario and Zelda drawings in Microsoft Excel [pics]”

  1. Se7h Avatar

    Cool, but for Super Mario Bros it’s not in Microsoft Excel, it’s in OpenOffice Calc 😉

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