LOTR’ Minas Tirith City built with 420,000 matchsticks [pic]

A man by the name Patrick Acton has a love for matchsticks.  Actually, from the pictures of his creations on his website, I think obsession would be a better word.

Mr. Acton has created a masterpiece with his latest work.   He took 420,000 matchsticks and created Minas Tirith City from Lord of the Rings.  The picture of his very impressive creation is below.  For those that are interested in seeing this structure up close, it is on display at the Matchstick Marvels Tourist Center in Gladbrook, IA.  If you can’t make the trip and just want to see more pictures, head to his page dedicated to the build.

Minas Tirith made from 420,000 matchsticks
Minas Tirith made from 420,000 matchsticks





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