Thief caught from leaving phone charging in house he burgled

I love a good story about stupid criminals and today I get to share one such story.

25-year-old Cody Wilkins was not just desperate for jewelry and money, but he was also desperate for electricity.  Wilkins broke into a house in Silver Spring, just north of Washington DC.  While he was grabbing whatever he could, he put his cell phone on a charger and left it in the house.  I should probably mention that due to a major storm, the area had been without power so he was looking for a charge.  Unfortunately for him, the son of the homeowner came home while he was still in the house.  Although he escaped the house, he forgot to grab his phone on the way out.  The police used the phone to call his girlfriend, find out who he was and were he lived so they could go arrest him.  The police were also able to link him to 10 other break-ins thanks to the fact that he still had all of the stolen loot in his house plus the fact that he used the same boots each time which made it easy to identify him with footprints (tip:  Don’t do illegal activities in the snow, you will be much easier to track.  Also, make sure to password protect your phone).  To read the whole story, check out the original post at The Washington Post.

Below is a picture of the accused thief.  Crime doesn’t pay if you are a stupid criminal.

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Stupid Criminal: Cody Wilkins
Stupid Criminal: Cody Wilkins


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