Craziest Roller Coaster Tycoon park you will ever see [pic]

RollerCoaster Tycoon
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As a kid, one of my favorite games was Roller Coaster Tycoon. While my favorite activity was killing the park visitors, I did build some pretty epic theme parks back in the day. Unfortunately, none were quite this crazy. Sadly, I don’t know who made this park with probably the highest revenue per square foot I have ever seen to give them credit but we can all still enjoy the picture.  How many rides can you spot?  Click to enlarge to see it in its full glory.

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Amazing Roller Coaster Tycoon Park
Amazing Roller Coaster Tycoon Park


4 responses to “Craziest Roller Coaster Tycoon park you will ever see [pic]”

  1. Kátia Domeraska Avatar
    Kátia Domeraska

    if it was you who made this roller coaster is congratulated her perfect love this game and pretend to have all three!

  2. Christian Laumark Hansen Avatar

    This is a true proof of this games greatness! Sad that the its newer versions never caught the same magic. And yeah, that is one badass park! 🙂

  3. Francisco Avatar

    You will see soon a new game in facebook where you can build an amazing amusement park with roller coaster and much more fun. His name is Tycoon Park.
    You can see a trailer here :

  4. pcnerd37 Avatar

    It looks nice but it looks like it lacks the charm of the Rollercoaster Tycoon games. One of the things that made the game so great was that you could see an interact with every person in your park.

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