Mall floor ad campaign stops working [pics]

As somebody who spends a good bit of my free time coding, I have a great love for the site known as The Daily WTF.  If you haven’t heard of the site, it highlights the boneheaded mistakes of programmers that don’t really know what they are doing and the results tend to be hilarious.  Every once in a while, rather than post code, they will post a series of pictures of hilarious software failures and the pictures below come from one of these posts.  You can see the entire post with a bunch of funny errors here, but the one I thought most entertaining to pass along are the pictures of an advertising display built into the floor of a mall that has gone horribly wrong.  As you can see from the pictures, the program has stopped working and the administrator interface has been exposed for all of the mall goers to see.  When technology fails, it can be funny!  Its not the clearest picture in the world but you can click to enlarge it and see it a little better.

Mall floor ad system fail
Mall floor ad system fail


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