Nintendo’s 3DS not for kids under 6 years old [health]

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Nintendo is showing off their upcoming 3DS mobile gaming platform in Japan and along with that have given some rather interesting warnings when it comes to the new handheld and peoples health (at least according to Kotaku as I don’t speak Japanese).

It has long been known that 3D can make some people ill but Nintendo seems to be going a bit farther with their warnings.  Traditionally, Nintendo has said to take a break from gaming every hour but thanks to the apparent eyestrain caused by the 3D in the 3DS, that time has been cut down to 30 minutes.  As a hardcore gamer, I can say that is easier said than done, especially if you are in a really interesting game.   If the system makes you sick, you are of course advised to stop using it immediately.

What is perhaps the most interesting point is that Nintendo says that kids 6 and under shouldn’t use the system.   Since the vision of younger kids is still in development, Nintendo is recommending that they stay away form the 3D effects in the game as well as 3D movies and 3D television shows.  With the 3D slider on the system that allows you to turn down the 3D, they say it should still be safe for kids to play in 2D mode but what kid is really going to stick to just 2D mode when there is all kinds of 3D gaming goodness to be had?  I have been gaming since I was 2 years old and if I was told I couldn’t play in a certain mode I wouldn’t have cared, I just would have hid the fact that I was using the forbidden mode since I wouldn’t have any realization of the consequences to my health.

Will you be getting a 3DS?  Would you allow your kids to have one, especially if they are under 6 years old?  Let us hear your thoughts in the comments!