Microsoft Dreamspark: Free development software for students

Have you ever had an idea to create an app or service but didn’t have the tools or the money to get the tools to make your dream become reality?  Are you also a student?  If so, they Microsoft has just the program for you!

Dreamspark is a program from Microsoft that gives students free access to some of the best development tools available.  From Visual Studio 2010 to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and even Virtual PC, your imagination is the limit when it comes to making something awesome with these tools.  Speaking from my own experience, I have been using Visual Studio and Microsoft SQL Server since 2006 and they are fantastic compared to other development tools.  If I had to choose between Visual Studio and Eclipse, I would take Visual Studio any day (although there are some features of Eclipse that I love).

Not only does Dreamspark offer some amazing software for FREE, but if you are looking to make apps for the Windows Phone 7 platform, being a member of Dreamspark will really help you out.  Dreamspark members get the $99 registration fee waived that is normally required to put apps on the Windows Phone 7 marketplace.  Not only that, but the first 5 application submissions are free!  That makes it a lot faster to make your money back on the apps that you sell.  The one major gripe I have about Windows Phone 7 is the $99 registration fee for developers when it is just $20 for the lifetime of an Android developer account no matter how many apps you produce.  Luckily, I don’t have to worry about this too much since I am apart of the Dreamspark program!

If you are a student (I believe you have to have a .edu email address) and have some good ideas for some software or services, you should go check out Dreamspark today!

If you have taken advantage of the Dreamspark program to do something great, shoot me an email to me at pcnerd37 [@] as I would love to talk to you had possibly feature you and your project right here on Global Geek News!