Still banned by Google and it looks to stay that way

So after not giving it much thought for the past couple of weeks, I decided to see if Google and the other search engines decided to reindex Global Geek News after our apparent banning from them.  I don’t want to go over all of the details again, but if you want to find out the believed reason for the banning, we talk about it on last weeks show.

After I discovered the problem, I filed a request with Google to have things fixed.  You would think something like this would be solved quickly but they said it would take them several weeks to process the request.  Well, I just checked my Google Webmaster Central account and they reviewed my request back on August 25th and said that if they found the problems to have been fixed, they would consider reindexing the site.  Apparently the appeal was rejected (no way of knowing for sure) as it is now September 8th and nothing has changed.  Luckily you can still find us on Google although you just can’t get to the home page with Google.

Same story with Bing except I cant find anywhere to appeal my search engine ranking.  Yahoo! was the only one not to give us any problems but now that they have had their search results taken over by Bing, you can’t get to our homepage with them either.  If you want to find us, you will get the best results on either Bing or Yahoo! but you still won’t get to the home page, just other pages related to Global Geek News.

Sorry for the inconvenience but it looks like this is the way it is going to stay.  It is a very unfortunate situation but we will continue to march forward and grow even if the search engines don’t want to acknowledge our existence.


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