MIX 2010 Day 3 Recap: Eat, Sleep, Blog and Homework

Greetings Readers!

Before I dedicate posts to some very interesting tidbits that I grabbed from conversations at MIX 2010 ranging from the future of the Zune to what is going on with IE, I decided to give a slightly less exciting recap of day 3.

Although there were a number of sessions I had planned on going to today, for some reason I ended up at none of them.  This morning it was everything I could do to drag myself out of bed thanks to last night’s party at LAX (It sucked so its not worth talking about).  When I got down to breakfast, I found it to be a major disappointment compared to the previous days.  Unless you are a cereal fan (and I am not) or a fan of muffins with lots of grains and stuff in them (again, no), you pretty much had no breakfast.  The previous days had all kinds of fruit and stuff so it was a disappointment compared to days past.  After having no breakfast, I started to head to the first session I wanted to attend and found myself sitting in the Xbox Lounge instead working on a series of blog posts that will go up next week.

From there I stumbled to the Commons area where I continued to work on posts before working on homework that is was due tonight.  As much as I wanted to go to sessions, today needed to be about productivity, even if I was just half awake.  Luckily, the video from the sessions will be up on the MIX 2010 site shortly so I can go back and watch them.  Anyway, after being productive, I had what was a disappointing lunch compared to the previous days.  This time it was a turkey sandwich stuffed in a box with an apple, some kind of rice and some kind of desert.  It wasn’t horrible but I prefer to eat food that is hot, not cold.

After lunch, I sat in front of the Channel 9 stage watching a couple of interviews before heading to the pool area for some great calamari.  For those wondering, the view at the pool was enjoyable ;).  After a great discussion about the Student Insider program, I came back up to my room to work on homework.

Homework may not be glorious but it has to get done.  It is an unfortunate way to end a great trip but unfortunately life must have its priorities.

Like I mentioned, there are still some bombshell posts coming in the next few days so make sure to stay tuned.   I will have more to report on next week’s Global Geek News Podcast as I want to save some great stuff for that too so make sure to listen to the new show on Tuesday morning!



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