Speed up podcast listening with Podshifter

Thanks to the always wonderful Lifehacker, I have discovered a new service that can help cut down on the time I spend listening to podcasts without cutting out the number of podcasts I listen to.  What is this great service?  Podshifter.

Podshifter takes a podcast’s RSS feed and gives you a new feed to put into your podcatcher that will give you the audio at the speed you specify.  You can slow a podcast down to .6x normal speed or crank it up to 3x normal speed so you can have what sounds like the chipmunks give you that content you love so much.

Give Podshifter a try with the Global Geek News Podcast.  I will even make things easy and give you the RSS link.

Check out the latest Global Geek News Podcast!

-Jeremy “pcnerd37” Bray