Russia launches anit-trust probe against Microsoft because it hates Vista

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Russia’s state anti-monopoly service has decided to launch an antitrust probe of Microsoft because it hates Vista.  Apparently Russia is complaining that Microsoft is cutting back on its shipments of Windows XP even though there is still demand for it.  It seems Russia would rather use an old, far more insecure operating system than use Vista.  They claim it is because there is still a demand for it which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense because Microsoft certainly isn’t the only company to have ever killed or in this case slowed down shipping a product that still had a demand for it.  I have come up with two theories as to why this is happening. First, they really hate Vista.  Despite the fact that it has been giving me trouble as of late, Vista isn’t bad enough that it would warrant this kind of response.  My second theory is that the botnet and virus writers have infiltrated the Russian anti-monopoly office and are doing everything they can to keep people on an insecure operating system they can more easily exploit.  Personally, I favor the second option.

The hearing is set for July 24th so hopefully more will be revealed then.  What is your theory?

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