Hulu to start charging users for views soon? News Corp says yes

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Daily Finance is reporting that Jonathan Miller, New’s Corps new chief digital officer stated at an Internet Week event last night that he envisions that at least some TV shows and movies will be available only to paying subscribers in the future.  News Corp is part owner in Hulu with NBC Universal and Disney.

Given Hulu’s current growth pattern, I think that could be the fastest way to see their numbers go in the other direction and piracy numbers to go through the roof.  While I think they could do a better job at monitizing their content, shutting free users out of some content is not the best way to go about making more money.  Personally, I think they should charge for downloads (not streams) or at least for a higher quality stream.  Going from a free to a pay service can be tricky but it can be done.  If this is what they are looking at doing, I would say they will be biting the hand that feeds them in the process.

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