Would you want to be buried with your gadgets?

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Earlier today, a story was brought to my attention that according to funeral directors, it is becoming common for people to be burried with their favorite gadgets.  From iPods to bluetooth headsets to Blackberry phones, it seems people, especially tech-savvy ones are being buried with their gadgets.

Why would people want to be buried with their gadgets? According to some, it is because they loved the device when they were alive, spent much of their time with them, and also found a way here to fix their repairs quite easily too.  Families are even burying their loved ones with phones so that they can call them as a way to try to connect to them, even if they do only get voicemail.  One obviously lonely woman continues to pay the phone bill for her late husband who has his phone buried with him so that she can call it to leave voicemails.  Although the phone battery  has been dead for sometime, at least she can call the voicemail and feel like she is still connected with him.

I see this new trend as rather silly.  I can’t use my gadgets when I am dead, so I don’t think I should be burried with them.  I think it would be better to give them to somebody who doesn’t have the gadgets and would like them.  A gadget being used is better than a gadget sitting six feet below ground doing nothing.  Most people think the ancient Egyptians were odd for being buried with all of their wealth, yet this is really no different.  If I could take my gadgets into the next life and still be able to use them, that might be a different story, but since I can’t, somebody else should get to use them since I am not around to do so anymore.

While I can identify with the feeling of loss associated with a death, I can’t see how people get the feeling of a connection with a deceased person just by being able to call their also dead phone.  If you want to hear their voice again, there are better ways to accomplish this than continuing to pay a cell phone bill years after a person has died.  If you are still longing for a person, you can’t move on.  Not moving on has and will continue to destroy many lives merely because people don’t want to face reality and would rather live in the past.

What do you think of this growing trend?  Would you want to be buried with your favorite gadget?  Would you want your family member to be buried with their gadgets?  I want to hear your opinion, so share it in the comments!





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  1. Chic Blonde Geek Avatar
    Chic Blonde Geek

    Honestly, I’m not really sure what I think about this. Yeah, it’s pretty weird, and kind of pointless, and a waste of a perfectly good phone. I see how it could make someone feel better though, like they could still communicate or be close to their deceased love one in some way. I get it though, I mean I spend all day it seems like on my phone. I don’t think I’d want it buried with me though.

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