Swype, Bringing Ubiquity and Ease of Use to Text Input

Hey readers!

Since I started of my TechCrunch50 company thoughts on a rather negative note with the winner, Yammer, I figured I should talk about one of my favorite companies, Swype.

For those that don’t know, Swype is a form of text input primarily for devices without a full sized keyboard (laptop, desktop).  This new technology uses touch screen technology and the traditional QWERTY key layout to input text by swiping your finger or stylus across the screen rather than having to hunt and peck with your thumbs that is common on most modern touch screen devices such as Apple’s iPhone.  By simply swiping your finger or a stylus from one letter to another, you can quickly and easily type out messages.  With a small learning curve, the company boasts that people will be able to reach 50+ words per minute within a very short period of time.

I must say I found the technology amazing, even more so knowing that it can work with with pretty much any touchscreen device, essentially bringing a ubiquitous text entry solution to many existing devices as well as many devices in the future.  I would go so far as to say that this could be what tablet computing has been waiting for to launch it into the mainstream.  This is truly a revolutionary technology that will bring a unified form of text entry to any touch screen device.

Below is the video of the Swype presentation if you didn’t get to see this awesomeness when it was presented.

I am not sure which company I will blog about next, so stay tuned as I will be writing many blog posts over the next few days!  Don’t forget to check the main podcast page as I will be doing a podcast this week with even more of my thoughts from the TechCrunch50 conference and much more!