How to Maintain and Exploit your Personal Brand

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Today I will be wrapping up my series on Personal Branding. If you haven’t read the previous posts in the series, I highly recommend going back and reading them to catch up as you will find them very interesting and informative. Now that the plug for the previous posts is out of the way, its time to talk about how to maintain and exploit your personal brand.

Now that we have discussed how to create a personal brand and why you should have one, its time to talk about how to properly maintain a personal brand and use it to your benefit. Maintaining a personal brand doesn’t require much work unless you start to get a bad reputation with the name. It is always easier to maintain a good reputation with your personal brand than it is to fix a bad one.

Maintaining your personal brand can be as easy as the occasional non-offensive podcast, blog post or comment. While you don’t need to post something everyday, it does help to do something positive and productive with your personal brand on a regular basis. Not only will more content drive some things into a better search engine ranking, but it will keep your name out there so that people don’t think you have abandoned your projects and forget about you. The better job you can do at keeping your name on the lips of those that care about your content, the more successful you will become.

While regular content is important to maintaining your personal brand, the substance of that content can also be extremely important as well.  Posting mindless drivel will do nothing to help your personal brand.  Posting offensive content will also serve to lower the value of your personal brand.  You can’t please everybody with what you say, but being vulgar and saying things that are out of line will not help your cause.  Even if you are defending yourself, keep in mind that you never know where it will land in the search rankings and what you say will have either a positive or negative effect on your personal brand.  It is best to take the high road rather than stoop to the level of the well known internet troll.

Now that you have an idea of how to establish and maintain your personal brand, you need an idea of how to exploit your personal brand.  The wider the audience you are able to achieve with a positive personal brand, the more opportunities you will have.  Since you don’t usually know who all is watching, listening or reading your content, it is best to assume that every person who consumes your content has something to offer.  The happier you keep the consumers of your content, the more willing they will be to approach you about participating in a project they are involved in.  Of course they don’t necessarily have to pitch their idea to you, but if you have a strong enough personal brand, your name will likely proceed you and could be what gets you that next job or promotion.

A personal brand can be a great tool to get you ahead in many areas of your life.  If you maintain it properly and know how to use it to your advantage, it can open up limitless opportunities to you and even the people around you.

While the personal branding posts are by no means comprehensive, they are a solid foundation for anybody to get started on creating a personal brand and maintaining it.  If at any point I believe that I have more to add, I will not hesitate to post it.  Also, if you have any good personal branding related links, I would be glad to pass them along to the readers, so feel free to email them to me at [email protected]

I don’t expect I will do week long blog series like this very often as Global Geek News is about current tech news and I would like to focus on that a majority of the time.  Check back Monday for more great posts and don’t forget to give the Global Geek News podcast a listen!