Why should you have a Personal Brand?

Welcome back readers!

Today is part 3 of my series on personal branding. As the title suggests, today we will be discussing why you should have a personal brand. There are countless reasons for why you should have a personal brand, but I will only cover the two I find to be the most important.

While personal branding is important for everybody in our current age of technology, I find it especially crucial for content creators. Whether you are a blogger, vlogger, podcaster or just somebody who likes to comment on those things, it is important to establish an identity that is unique to you. If you are hoping to reach as many people as possible with what you have to say, you need to make sure that people remember who you are and don’t get you confused with somebody else who has a similar name.

By having a unique personal brand, it is easier for people to find you as a content creator as well as recommend them to your friends. This is key for any content creator. Whether you are looking to make sure your small group of followers can follow your various online activities to trying to find advertising for your content, the ability for people to identify you is crucial. Not only do people need to Identify you, they need to identify WITH you!

Having a personal brand where people can follow you will allow people to get to know who you really are and your personal style. By identifying yourself with your personal brand and expressing yourself through it, you are more likely to attain a group of like minded followers. This is the key to growth for any content creator, find people of like minds that can identify you and identify with you.

Personal branding isn’t just important to content creators, but to everybody! With employers using Google and other online services more and more to investigate future employees, it is extremely important to have a unique personal brand. If you are like me and don’t show up until the third of forth page in a vanity search, this could be a very bad thing when looking for a job. By not showing up for several pages, it is possible if not likely that an employer could mistake you for somebody above you in search results. Depending on the people above you with your name, this could make for a very positive or very negative image of what they believe to be you. Since you need all the help you can get in a job search, having a personal brand to identify you out of all of the other people in the world with your name can be very beneficial assuming you don’t have a negative personal brand.

Having a personal brand can give anybody many opportunities if they know how to take advantage of it. Tomorrow I will talk about “How to Create a Personal Brand.” Make sure to check back tomorrow and Friday for the conclusion of my series on Personal Branding. If I get many questions on the topic, I could extend it into next week but I do have other topics I would like to hit next week so it depends entirely on the comments and emails I receive.