Watch us on Twitch!

Our Twitch Schedule (games and times may vary based on my mood and availability):

  • 1/28:  Counterstrike: Global Offensive  (10pm-12am EST)
  • 1/29:  Age of Empires: Online  (10pm-12am EST)
  • 1/30:  Age of Empires II HD  (10pm-12am EST)
  • 1/31:  Counterstrike: Global Offensive  (11pm-12am EST)
  • 2/1:  Planetary Annihilation  (11am-1pm EST), Age of Empires Online (3pm-5pm EST), Skyrim (6pm-8pm EST) Counterstrike: Global Offensive (11pm-12am EST)

Make sure to go follow us (button below the video on the Twitch page) so you know exactly when we go live!

Watch live video from pcnerd37 on


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