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  • Old guy argument turns into lightsaber fight [video]

    According the the video description, there was some kind of argument between a couple of old French guys when things turned ugly.  Apparently the guy that took the video also has some video editing skills because he took the fight and turned it into a Star Wars style lightsaber fight.  Its pretty funny so make […]

  • BUILD! Epic LEGO stop motion video [video]

    This stop motion LEGO video by Paganomation is epic on many levels.  This awesome video must be seen to be believed.  I can’t even imagine the number of hours that went into making this video. Make sure to pass along this epic video to your friends and share your thoughts in the comments!

  • Legend of Zelda theme played with an iPad [video]

    I’ve seen people do some pretty cool things with an iPad including blend one, but this might be my favorite iPad related video.  YouTube user GuizPD decided to recreate the Legend of Zelda theme song (from the NES game) with his iPad and this is the awesome result.  I am curious how long it took […]

  • Star Trek Girl [music video]

    Being a huge Star Trek fan and knowing that a large number of our readers are, I thought you guys would appreciate this music video by a YouTuber that goes by the name meekakitty.  The song is called Star Trek Girl.  I’m not a big fan of the whole autotune thing, but its still a […]

  • Kinect hack: Playing Angry Birds using the Kinect

    A YouTube user named griffindodd has uploaded a video of him playing Angry Birds using Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Kinect accessory.  He uses the KinEmote software that allows you to control your PC with the Kinect to accomplish this fun little project.  Check out this fun Kinect hack below!  What kind of Kinect hacks would you […]

  • Tetris theme played in Zelda: Ocarina of Time [video]

    There are tons of awesome and geeky videos that you can find on YouTube but this might be one of my favorites.  A YouTube user named Oliver Taylor uploaded a video showing off the new skill he learned over Christmas break.  What is that skill you ask?  He learned to play the theme from Tetris […]