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  • New Super Mario Bros Bi-Fold Wallet [pic]

    When it comes to wallets, I have always been a tri-fold kind of guy.  With the extra slots and stuff for cards that you can usually find in tri-fold wallets, I find them to be more handy than bi-fold wallets even if they do tend to be a bit thicker.  However, for the bi-fold loving […]

  • Amazing Zora Armor Link Cosplay [pic]

    I’ve blogged some cool Link cosplay in the past but this Zora Armor Link cosplay blows all of those other ones out of the water.  This Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess inspired Zora Armor Link cosplay  is incredibly detailed and looks like somebody I definitely wouldn’t want to face in battle.  The cosplayer behind this […]

  • The Greatest Prank Nintendo Ever Pulled [cartoon]

    I haven’t made it a secret that I hate motion controlled gaming.  As a PC gamer, I value two things, precision and response time.  Neither of those is something that motion controlled gaming can offer.  That is why I started to get excited when I saw Nintendo’s latest console, the Wii U or at least […]

  • Duck Hunt: Duck’s Revenge! [pic]

    Even the ducks in Duck Hunt for the NES don’t like that stupid dog that mocks the player.  They are fed up with him and they are ready for their revenge!  If there is one game I would like to see remade on the Wii, it would have to be Duck Hunt.  Although my Wii […]

  • Curling on the Wii just looks wrong [video]

    If there was one sport I would have never thought would get a video game it would be the sport of curling.  Apparently thanks to the Olympics, there is now enough interest in the sport to inspire a Wii curling game.  Unfortunately, while the movements may seem identical to what you do in the sport, […]

  • The truth about Princess Peach and Zelda

    Like many, my favorite Nintendo franchises of all time are the Mario and Zelda franchises.  If you are also a fan, you have probably asked yourself “How stupid are Princess Peach and Zelda that they are constantly getting kidnapped?”  Well, thanks to CollegeHumor, we finally have an answer.  This hilarious video titled Peach and Zelda […]