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  • Awesome Pac-Man Swimsuit [pic]

    Normally, I am not a fan of women that sport the one piece swimsuit (I’m a 2-piece bikini kind of guy) but I have found an exception to that preference.  The Polyester/Elastane Pac-Man swimsuit in the picture below was designed by James Lillis and can be purchased for $90 from Black Milk Clothing.  I’d say this is […]

  • Pokemon Gyarados carved in the beach [pic]

    I’m not sure I have ever had the pleasure of posting some geeky beach art on here but this picture is a great place to start.  I was browsing Reddit yesterday when I came across this picture of a Gyarados carved into the sand that one member had submitted after spending his day on the […]

  • Amazing (and messy) water trick [video]

    This morning I came across this rather amazing video of a trick that is apparently possible with water.  It seems that with a slight spinning action, water will hold the shape of its container even after the container is gone.  I have not tried this myself (yet) so I can’t vouch for it, but assuming […]

  • Water hitting a really hot pan at 3000 frames per second

    I just came across this really awesome video of the Leidenfrost effect that I thought you guys would be interested in.  It shows a drop of water dancing in a really hot pan for a long period of time without evaporating.  Rather than go into all of the details of the Leidenfrost effect here, I recommend […]