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  • Mind Blowing Super Mario World Music Video [video]

    Like most gamers, I spent many hours as a kid playing Super Mario World.  It is probably my favorite Mario game and it seems to also be the favorite Mario game of modders too!  Well, somebody (I don’t know who because the video description doesn’t say who created this) apparently has a lot of time […]

  • Super Mario World Earth T-Shirt [pics]

    I don’t think I have ever played a Super Mario game I haven’t liked but my favorite has always been Super Mario World.  Apparently I’m not the only one because somebody took the look and feel of Super Mario World and made it look like Earth.  Even though things aren’t exactly the same, it is […]

  • Koopa on a fence in real life [pic]

    Its not every day that you get to see a scene from your favorite video game in real life (unless all you play is sports games).  In this case, that game would be Super Mario World.  One of my favorite parts of that game was the whole fence climbing mechanic.  Having to dodge the Koopa […]

  • Mario’s Pickup Game, Chargin’ Chuck gets picked last [video]

    One Super Mario World character you don’t see too much of these day is Chargin’ Chuck.  Apparently Mario and Luigi just don’t like him enough to let them in their games anymore.  It looks like they dislike him so much they don’t even want him on their team in a pickup game of baseball.  This […]