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  • God of War Kratos Life-Size Hand-Finished Bust

    God of War Kratos Life-Size Hand-Finished Bust

    I’m pretty sure I have mentioned it before but for those that might be new, my favorite franchise of games is the God of War franchise.  The other franchises I post about like Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog and many others hold a special place in my heart but God of […]

  • Amazing Steampunk Predator Sculpture [pic]

    I’ve seen some pretty impressive sculptures in the past (most seem to be made out of LEGO bricks ) but this one takes the cake.  This amazing steampunk Predator alien sculpture is made out of automotive parts and various pieces of scrap metal.  Perhaps the most impressive part is its size as it stands 8 […]

  • Nintendo Employee Earns Bronze Mario After 20 Years [pic]

    I always find it interesting what happens inside of companies when employees celebrate a milestone in their time with the company.  In companies like Microsoft, when somebody celebrates a new year with the company, they have to bring a pound of M&Ms in for every year they have been with the company.  Well, apparently Nintendo […]

  • Communist Statue Graffiti’d With Superheroes and More [pics]

    I don’t endorse vandalism but this is actually really cool.  A memorial to the communist ‘liberation’ of the country in Sofia, Bulgaria was recently vandalized by anti-commie graffiti artists and the pictures below are a result.  They turned the soldiers that are a part of the memorial into various superheroes and other characters.  Of course […]

  • Life-size LEGO Batman [pic]

    I love giant LEGO creations and this is one of the cooler ones I have seen in a while.  Somebody created a life-size LEGO Batman to put in their store.  Sadly, the cape is not made out of LEGOs but the rest of it that is, looks awesome!  Whoever built this did an amazing job! […]