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  • Star Trek Live Long and Prosper Birthday Cake [pic]

    I don’t think I know any Star Trek fan that hasn’t had the dream of sitting in the captain’s chair, but few will ever get that opportunity.  Well, Star Trek fan Kieran kind of got that opportunity in that he had a birthday cake made with a figure of him setting in the captain’s chair […]

  • Spock Pot Holder [pic]

    Cooking without a pot holder is illogical.  Its foolish to burn yourself or damage you counters just because you don’t have a pot holder.  Well, it is extra illogical to not have a Spock pot holder!  Flickr user and Star Trek fan kailand made this awesome Spock pot holder.  Currently there isn’t a pattern available […]

  • Crochet Your Own Vulcan Ears [pic]

    There is no use in denying it, I know you have secretly (or perhaps not so secretly) desired to have Vulcan ears.  Well, if you  have some crochet skills and are ready to come out of the Vulcan ear closet then I have the crochet pattern for you!  Croshame has the list of materials you […]

  • Spock Trek Yourself T-Shirt [pic]

    Just when you thought all Vulcans were a bunch of stick in the muds, it turns out that Spock can show his gangster style on occasion.  This awesome t-shirt comes from my friends over TShirtBordello (Disclaimer:  They sent me one of these shirts recently)  and it is pretty awesome.  This Spock Trek Yourself Before You […]

  • Spock $5 Bill [pic]

    Its pretty rare that I get any money that has anything written on it more than maybe a phone number or a mustache on one of the Presidents, but some people like to take things to the next level.  In this case, somebody did the only logical thing to do with a $5 bill, turn […]

  • Spock Pizza Box Art [pic]

    There is probably nothing I love in the world more than pizza.  My #2 love is probably Star Trek (Deep Space Nine if we want to get picky about it).  So when I saw this awesome Spock pizza box art, I knew I had to share it.  As awesome as the Spock caricature drawing is, […]