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  • Android Just Hungry T-Shirt [pic]

    Like many millions of other people, I am the owner of an Android based phone.  While I can’t call myself a happy owner, I still think this Android t-shirt is pretty funny and just plain cool.  It does an entertaining job of showing just how the OS is taking a bite out of Apple’s smartphone […]

  • Will the real iPhone killer please step up [funny cartoon]

    There have been a lot of devices over the past several years that have claimed to be the iPhone killer and none have managed to get the job done.  This cartoon makes fun of that by depicting all of the devices that are believed to be iPhone killers that only end up hurting each other […]

  • iPhone 4 style pillow cushion [pics]

    I’m sure that I am not the only geek that likes to sleep with his various gadgets.  On the average night, I usually my MacBook Pro and my Kindle on my bed next to me as I sleep.  Well, now the iPhone 4 lovers can take their phone to bed with them without actually having […]

  • Droid 2 explodes in man’s ear, needs 4 stitches [video]

    According to a news report below, a Texas man ended up with 4 stitches after his 2 day old Motorola Droid 2 exploded in his ear, causing the glass to shatter and blood to go everywhere.  Luckily, the man won’t suffer any permanent hearing loss from the issue and he is on the mend although […]

  • Reminder: Apple iPhone 4 bumper program ends today!

    Just a reminder for the iPhone 4 owners that have yet to get their free bumpers, the program ends today! For those that still need to order your free bumper, here are the directions: Download the iPhone 4 Case Program app from Apple’s App Store Launch the app on your iPhone 4 and log in […]