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  • Awesome Doctor Who K-9 Slippers

    Awesome Doctor Who K-9 Slippers

    If there is one thing I hate, it is walking around barefoot.  I’ve never cared much for the sensation but it really annoys me when I am walking barefoot and something sticks to my feet or I step on a rock or sticker or something sharp and painful like that (I’ve stepped on a broken […]

  • Keep Your Feet Warm With These Doctor Who TARDIS Slippers

    Keep Your Feet Warm With These Doctor Who TARDIS Slippers

    I am obsessed with wearing slippers around the house.  I find regular shoes to be too heavy and stiff to comfortably wear while lounging around the house but my feet do tend to get cold so I have turned to slippers and they are wonderful!  For the past several years, I have worn some sheep’s […]

  • Buy These USB Stick Slippers or Make Your Own [pic]

    Being the computer geek I have always been, I never leave the house with any less than two USB sticks in my pocket.  Why?  Because you never know when I might need them.  Always be prepared! While I always carry USB sticks with me when I am away from home, I rarely use them at […]

  • Star Trek Tribble Slippers That Purr When You Walk [pic]

    Its that time of year again where your feet will likely be cold for at least the next few months and the best way to remedy that problem is with a pair of slippers.  I wear slippers all year around which is why I go through about a pair a year and these Tribble slippers […]

  • Super Mario Bros Mushroom Slippers [pic]

    Whenever I am at home, I am always wearing a pair of slippers.  I find them to be much more comfortable than just wearing my shoes around the house and I can’t stand to walk around barefoot.  However, I don’t have a pair this awesome!  I will definitely be getting a pair of these as […]