Tag: sandwiches

  • Star Wars Sandwich Cutters and Lunch Box [pic]

    I remember never caring much for the crust on my sandwiches as a kid but I don’t care too much now that I am older.  Well, I know there are a lot of people that still prefer their sandwiches without the crust and they like it even more if their sandwich is shaped like something […]

  • Geekiest Mobile Food Truck Ever: The Grillenium Falcon [Pic]

    I know a lot of people that are obsessed with eating food out of one of those mobile food trucks although I can’t say I have ever eaten out of any.  Actually, I guess if you count the mobile food stands at the state fair, then I have, but I have never had food from […]

  • Angry Birds sandwiches [pic]

    Its only taken several months, but I think I have finally kicked my Angry Birds addiction and replaced it with a Tiger Woods golf addiction on my iPod Touch.  I may have just replaced one addiction for another but at least I am away from Angry Birds for a while.  Anyway, there are still a […]