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  • 60’s Batman Fingernail Art [pic]

    The Batman tv show from the 1960s will always be my favorite version of Batman.  I like some of the Batman stuff since then but I don’t think anything will ever be as great as the old Batman tv show. Well, it seems I might not be alone in that thought judging by these awesome […]

  • Amazing Batman and Robin Sidewalk Art [pic]

    When I used to watch the old 60s Batman as a kid, I was always enjoyed watching Batman and Robin walk up the side of a building.  Its a strange thing to like but I was a kid at the time and thought the idea of waking up wall was cool.  Well, apparently a street […]

  • Awesome Batgirl and Robin Cosplay [pics]

    It seems pretty rare that I see any Batgirl or even Robin cosplay so when I saw these awesome pictures, I knew I should probably share them.  DeviantART user Champagne-meat is the one sporting this awesome Batman themed cosplay.  I think I prefer the Batgirl cosplay to the Young Justice Robin cosplay but what guy […]

  • 60s Batman Into Done In LEGO [video]

    When it comes to Batman, I always loved the old 60s tv show.  I can’t say I cared much for the newer movies and stuff (the games are great), but I will always love the old Batman tv show.  I don’t guess I ever paid too much attention to the intro for the show but […]

  • Robin is the Mayor of the Batcave. Oops! [comic]

    I will admit that even with as good as The Dark Night and some of the other Batman movies have been, the only Batman I really liked was the tv show from back in the 60s.  I loved watching that show growing up and I still enjoy an episode every now and then.  Well, it […]