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  • Steampunk Nintendo Game Boy [pic]

    Not many people may know this, but I have more than my fair share of Game Boys.  As a kid, I seemed to collect them and I still have a box of various Game Boy systems sitting in my basement that I like to open up and play on occasion assuming I have some spare […]

  • Semi-Portable Nintendo 64 Handheld [pic]

    The closest I will probably ever come to owning a portable Nintendo 64 will be with emulators on whatever gadget I carry with me but one gamer apparently decided that wasn’t good enough for them.  Instead, they created this amazing N64 handheld!  From the looks of this, I’m not exactly sure I would call it […]

  • Nintendo 64 Briefcase is the ultimate portable N64 [pic]

    Back when when I used to play my Nintendo 64 every possible moment, I dreaded leaving the house because I knew I couldn’t take it with me.  Of course I have a rather large collection of Game Boys that would get me through but I always I wished I could play GoldenEye on the go.  […]

  • HandyNES: Portable NES Console [pic]

    Like many gamers, I often get the urge to play old games at random times but often the games I want to play aren’t within easy reach at the time (I woke up at 4:30am this morning with the urge to play Super Mario World and had the music stuck in my head so I […]

  • Zombie Game Boy [pic]

    I have been lucky in that none of my gaming systems have ever died (although my first PS2 wont read disks anymore after I left it running for 4 years straight) so I don’t have to worry too much about any zombie consoles.  Apparently one Game Boy died a horrible death and has come back […]

  • Nintendo DS Lite Toast [pic]

    I can’t say I am a huge fan of toast, but I do love Nintendo’s DS Lite portable gaming system.  Well, apparently somebody that does like toast decided to combine his love for the portable gaming system with the food and make this awesome Nintendo DS Lite toast!  Now we just need a version for […]