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  • Spock the Vote Star Trek T-Shirt On Sale For Just $9!

    Spock the Vote Star Trek T-Shirt On Sale For Just $9!

    Given the corrupt, lying nature of our politicians and political system these days, not to mention how easily hackable the electronic voting machines have been proven to be, I really don’t put much stock in the election process these days.  I still vote but I view it as a largely meaningless exercise.  That said, when […]

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi 2012: Our Only Hope! [pic]

    I usually make an effort to stay out political discussions whenever possible because I consider it to be a giant scam and show business for ugly people anyway.  Other than maybe Ron Paul, I can’t say there are any political candidates for this presidential election that I even care for.  Well, it seems I’m not […]

  • Video games as terrorist training tools [cartoon]

    Whenever I see a news story saying how evil video games are, I can’t help but wonder how people can really think that playing a shooter will make somebody want to go on a rampage and kill everybody they see.  Along those lines comes this cartoon about an argument I have heard many times that […]