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  • Rhinestone Pokemon Bra [pic]

    It has been years since I have played any of the Pokemon games (I have little desire to learn all of the newer Pokemon), but even when I was addicted to the games, I would have never imagined that Pokemon and women’s underwear seem to go together as well as they do. In the past, […]

  • Pikachu and His Pokeball Pizza [pic]

    One of these days,  I am going to learn my lesson and stop blogging about food first thing in the morning because this picture is really making me hungry for pizza.  Now I also have the strange urge to play some Pokemon too. Anyway, I can’t decide if I like this awesome Pokeball pizza as […]

  • Beaded Pokemon Pokeball Bra [pic]

    A long time ago, I posted an awesome Pokemon Pokeball bra, but Etsy seller petrichorclothing has gone one step further in the direction of awesomeness and made a beaded Pokemon pokeball bra!  For the Pokemon loving women out there (or men with really large man boobs) this supposedly very comfortable beaded pokeball bra is available […]

  • Awesome Pokemon Birthday Cake [pic]

    Somewhere, there is one heck of a lucky 10 year old that got this amazing Pokemon cake for his birthday.  This is easily one of the cleanest looking cakes I have ever seen.  The massive Pokeball is awesome enough but the detail on the Pokemon is amazing!  Sadly, I didn’t recognize all of the Pokemon […]

  • Life Like Water-Type Pokeball [pic]

    Back when I was addicted to the Pokemon games and cartoon, I always wondered how exactly Pokemon lived in those tiny little Pokeballs.  I could never understand how a Snorlax could fit in a Pokeball.  Well, I guess some questions are just better left unasked if you don’t want to destroy the illusion.  Well, apparently […]

  • Pokemon Pizzas [pic]

    There is nothing I love more than pizza and when you combine that with my love for Pokemon (the first few games, not the new ones with a billion new Pokemon), these pizzas just about make my day.  The Pokeball pizza on top definitely looks better than the one below as well as the Pikachu […]