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  • Now You Can Rick Roll People In Klingon!

    Now You Can Rick Roll People In Klingon!

    Luckily the whole Rick Roll meme has largely died out but it never bothered me too much because I’m pretty good about smelling those things from a mile away so I only ever got Rick Rolled less than a handful of times but it was annoying having to keep my guard up constantly around people […]

  • 60s Batman Into Done In LEGO [video]

    When it comes to Batman, I always loved the old 60s tv show.  I can’t say I cared much for the newer movies and stuff (the games are great), but I will always love the old Batman tv show.  I don’t guess I ever paid too much attention to the intro for the show but […]

  • Super Smash Bros Song (Cee Lo Green F**k You Parody) [video]

    Cee Lo Green’s song F**k You seems to be rather popular lately and it looks like some Super Smash Bros lovers decided to make a parody of that song.  Its a really cool video that you should definitely check out if you are a Super Smash Bros. fan.  Its pretty funny too! Make sure to […]

  • Super Mario porn parody is hilarious (probably SFW) [video]

    I’ve posted several awesome parody videos lately including this hilarious Stan Fox 64 video and a real life Mario Kart video but this one might just be my favorite.  This one takes the idea of Super Mario Bros and turns it into a pron type video.  Now before you get worried, there is no nudity […]