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  • Delicious looking Pokemon Pancakes

    Delicious looking Pokemon Pancakes

    Its not that often I have the time to have a real breakfast but when I do, one of my favorite breakfast foods is pancakes.  Especially New York Cheesecake pancakes or pumpkin pancakes.  But enough about my pancake preferences because thats not what this post is about.  This post is about some amazing Pokemon pancakes […]

  • Doctor Who Pancakes are Cool [pic]

    Only about once a week do I ever eat breakfast but one of my favorite breakfast foods is pancakes.  Whether they are plain old pancakes, pumpkin pancakes or New York cheesecake pancakes, I love them all!  Not only are the delicious, but pancakes are cool!  Especially when they are Doctor Who themed pancakes! Speaking of […]

  • These Hobbit Pancakes Look Delicious! [pic]

    Not too long ago, I posted some awesome Star Trek pancakes made to look like the cast of the original series.  Well, the same creators of those awesome pancakes are back to creating more awesome pancakes but this time they are in the theme of the new Hobbit movie. Nathan Shields of Saipancakes is the […]

  • These Star Trek Pancakes are Amazing! [pic]

    Being a huge Star Trek fan, I always thought it would be cool to have breakfast with the crew of the USS Enterprise, but I never considered the possibility of eating them for breakfast. I’m not positive who made these awesome Star Trek pancakes featuring the cast of the original series, but I think they […]

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pancakes [pic]

    My favorite breakfast food is pancakes.  Sure, I love the bacon and eggs and such that come along with them, but I enjoy some good pancakes.  I have had many different types of pancakes from plain to New York Cheesecake pancakes and pumpkin pancakes (probably my favorite), but I have never had the chance to […]

  • Star Wars Pancake Art [pic]

    Quite a while back, I posted an amazing Star Wars AT-AT made out of pancakes and even a Millennium Falcon pancake but if you still weren’t satisfied by those, now I have more Star Wars pancakes to share with you! This amazing bunch of pancake art which ranges from a Darth Vader pancake to an […]