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  • Kids React to the Game Boy, call it junk

    Kids React to the Game Boy, call it junk

    After turning 27 last week, the last thing I really wanted to see was something that would make me feel really old but since those around me insist on making me feel that way anyway, I figured I might as well watch this video of some kids reacting to Nintendo’s classic handheld, the Game Boy. […]

  • Star Wars AT-AT Walker For Seniors [pic]

    The idea of getting old to the point that I need a walker is not one that excites me, especially since I often feel like I already need one thanks to my back problems.  Well, after seeing this, I am not dreading those days quite so much because I would definitely be one to do […]

  • Windows XP is Showing Its Age. Literally [pic]

    At this point, I think I would be safe in calling Windows XP ancient in computer years and apparently somebody decided to prove that with the default Windows XP wallpaper.  If this isn’t enough evidence to tell you that you need to ditch the aging Windows XP for the greener pastures of Windows 7 or […]

  • Pixelated Hourglass Salt Shaker [pic]

    Loading… Loading… Finally, your salt has arrived!  Somebody with a love for salt and old, slow operating systems came up with the idea for this awesome pixelated hourglass salt shaker.  Personally, I’m not a huge person for putting extra salt on my food.  I will put it on french fries or onion rings if they […]

  • What happens when kids and old technology meet [video]

    I may be only 23 but there are times when I think to myself, “dang I’m old!”  This is one of those videos that gives me that feeling.  This rather entertaining video shows some kids seeing some “old” technology like floppy disks and a GameBoy for the first time and what they think of them […]