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  • An Update is Available for Your Computer [comic]

    Stickycomics has a cartoon up showing the attitude difference between Windows, Mac and Linux users when it comes to system updates.  The cartoon (below) is funny but I am not sure I agree with all of it.  I will admit that I hate Windows updates just because I don’t like restarting my computer, but I […]

  • How to make Bing photos your Windows desktop wallpaper

    One of the most popular features of Microsoft’s Bing search engine is the background images that are changed every day on Bing.com.  They always seem to find some amazing photos and now you can have those photos as your desktop wallpaper!  The crew over at Tekzilla found the handy project called Bingrounder over on Codeplex that […]

  • How to maximize desktop space in Windows [video]

    The crew over at Tekzilla has posted another helpful video about how to maximize the desktop space in Windows using an app called WinMaximumize.  Check out the video below to find out all of the details and see how you can benefit from maximizing the desktop space in Windows.

  • Windows Phone 7 device comparison chart

    I’ve had this image sitting on my desktop for a while with the intention of posting it so I don’t remember who sent it to me (let me know in the comments if it was you so I can give you credit), but this is a great chart showing the differences between all of the […]

  • Buy the Windows 7 Family Pack, get a free Cisco router

    Thanks to a promoted tweet on Twitter, I found out that Microsoft is selling the Windows 7 Family Pack for $150 plus you get a free Cisco router.  I thought this would be something worth passing on to you guys as $150 for 3 installs of Windows 7 and a Cisco router is a fantastic […]

  • Give your apps more resources for better performance [video]

    If you are constantly finding yourself looking to squeeze out more performance on the program you are using, this tip might just be for you (assuming you use Windows).  One of the best ways to get more performance on an app that you are using is to adjust the priority of the process in the […]