Tag: Master Chief

  • Halo Master Chief Helmet Made From Mountain Dew Boxes [pic]

    Since I am in charge of refilling the pop machine at work, I have to deal with a lot of pop boxes, but I never thought about making something with them after I am done.  Sure, I could stack them up like some of the amazing pop box displays I have posted on here in […]

  • Amazing Halo Tattoo [pic]

    As a hardcore PC gamer, I generally hate console based shooters because I prefer the precision of a mouse and keyboard, but the Halo franchise is one of few exceptions.  However, as much as I enjoy Halo, I would never get a Halo tattoo, even if it is as awesome as the one that the […]

  • Halo Master Chief Cake [pics]

    I’ve posted a huge number of amazing and super geeky cakes in the past but I think this Halo Master Chief cake is my favorite.  Apparently this mind blowing and gravity defying cake was created by Mike’s Amazing Cakes for Halo Fest (I’ve never heard of it).  I think it is safe to say that […]

  • Wearable LEGO Master Chief Armor [pic]

    Just when I thought yesterday’s balloon animal Master Chief creation was really cool, this amazing wearable LEGO Master Chief armor came along and blew those balloons right out of the water.  The amazing LEGO armor below took six months to create and I would say it was definitely worth the effort.  I wish I knew […]

  • Epic balloon animal Master Chief [pic]

    We have posted some really awesome and geeky balloon animals in the past but none on this level.  Unlike the Super Mario balloon animal and the Legend of Zelda Link balloon animal that have been posted in the past here on Global Geek News, this Master Chief balloon animal is HUGE!  If I had to […]

  • Halo wedding [pic]

    Earlier today, I posted a video of an awesome Super Mario Bros themed wedding proposal but perhaps Mario isn’t your cup of tea (if this is the case, you might need your head examined).  Perhaps you would prefer something more in the theme of Halo instead? This couple decided to get married by somebody dressed […]